All the Videos

ALCOVE general presentation

Dr. Armelle Leperre Desplanques
ALCOVE coordinator, France

Tools & Results of the ALCOVE Joint Action dissemination

Pr. Tomas López-Peña Ordoñez
WP2 Leader "Dissemination", Spain

Internal Evaluation & Impact of the ALCOVE Joint Action

Pr. Michal Novak
WP3 Leader "Evaluation", Slovakia

Dementia data sources in Europe

Dr. Angela Giusti
WP4 "Epidemiology", Italy

Better dementia prevalence estimation in Europe

Dr. Catherine Helmer
WP4 "Epidemiology", France

What ALCOVE means by promoting timely diagnosis

Pr. Dawn Brooker
WP5 leader "Timely Diagnosis", United Kingdom

Importance of reducing antipsychotics in dementia

Dr. Karim Saad
WP5 "Timely Diagnosis", United Kingdom

A comprehensive strategy for BPSD proposed by ALCOVE

Pr. Pierre Krolak-Salmon
WP6 "Support systems for BPSD", France

Respecting the rights & autonomy of people living with dementia

Dr. Bénédicte Gombault
WP7 "Ethics", Belgium